S.L.A.M. Behaviour

(Shovelduck’s Ludicrous Adrenaline Mayhem)

Whether you are on a motorized or non motorized machine that push us over the limits we take some pretty crazy risks as amateurs or professionals!

We fall off, fall down, fall up, and fall face forward….and LIKE it!
We ride (anything), skate, roll, surf, fly and skid.
We bruise, burn, break, bash and crash.
Sometimes for competition, but mainly… just for fuuuun!

With our adrenaline flowing and addiction to mayhem we push it to the limit and sometimes, we hit the surface…..HARD!!!

Normally we brush ourselves off and get back up and other times we are half conscious and getting loaded into the pimped out, tire burning. siren blurting, carcass cart.

Either way, you win, you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride and maybe a couple of trophy bruises.

Nine times out of ten, there’s that big “bloody” smile on the kisser!

You may think that the Professor Iben Scruedupbottom is a Quack but he believes the Shovelducks are conspiring to “assist” us in our attempts to push ourselves past “No pain, No gain” to “ No Slaughter, Why Bother” We think it’s “Sick” to hop in the meat wagon and head to the Blood Mop Hotel!

And it IS a little sick!

Shovelducks aren’t interested in humans that lounge about

Rather those that induckate to push their limits and take some risks. Sightings of Shovelducks are common around motocross tracks, skateparks, mountain bike trails, open water, open air and other S.L.A.M. Challenges.

Do you remember, the last time you bailed and experienced a reduckulous injury, if you were distracted by a duck headed handle?

If so, it could be another inducktator that they are “overseeing” our seducktion with high risk.

The Professor has spent most of his life researching these Fowl Crash Creatures. Because he is afraid!

Afraid that Shovelducks are pushing hard to increase our Extreme Risk Wish!

Rumour has it that the young Iben was been abducked by these mysterious Quacking Sticks as a child and holds a vinducktive commitment to duckument their every move.

Follow Shovelduck Research on the quest to find out if Human Kind’s relationship with these Poultry Poles is friend or fowl. This web site will provide the information so don’t duck the evidence.

U Decide.

Get your S.L.A.M. on!

We invite you to view and shop Shovelduck’s apparel and “get your S.L.A.M. behaviour on!”— U-Decide!!

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