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On the lighter side — The Shovelduck Story

It was a balmy day in May, 1986 at my Dad’s Tobacco Farm in Southern, ON Canada … a welcome change from a cold Canadian Spring … My event buddy, Crafty Greg and I just finished loading the Skate Board/BMX half pipe that we were transporting and setting up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Crafty suggested that we take a photogenic mascot along with us this time for fowl joke. Being on the road a lot as a former Motocross Racer and Promoter, I’ve had a lot of strange experiences. Lately I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams of Ducks and Geese chasing me out of the bush on the farm while riding my motocross bike…Freaken crazy duck delusions.. As I’m rushing around I yelled over to Greg, “Hey Crafty my Grandmother has a few plastic Swan planters over here!”…I lopped off the head, as redemption from the fowl dreams, I guess, Crafty had a broken shovel handle…we both looked at each other laughing…shoved the head onto the handle..Duck taped it on…Viola Shovelduck!!!!

I had no idea what that Duck Headed Handle would unleash!! The Secrets of S.L.A.M. Behavior!!

That Mallard Mascot became a Lucky Duck at all the gigs. Racers wanted to “handle” or race with the Shovelduck…anyone who touched it or had significant contact, placed on the Podium. My Duck Dreams never stopped… I started seeing them. Everywhere! It was surreal! That’s when my life changed.

They are here?

One evening after an event I was slurping a bowl of Duck soup at The Friendly Chicken restaurant in Calgary when a strange man walked up to me and introduced himself. “ Excuse me Sir, I see you’ve ordered a bowl of duck soup and you’re eating it with a rather large spoon. Have you ever encountered one?” “One of what? I asked. His reply was bizarre and piercing at the same time. He looked directly into my eyes, pushed his forefinger onto my nose and harshly stated…. A SHOVELDUCK OF COURSE !!!!

Encountered them? I invented it as a lark!” He stuck his fingers into my soup and in a holy fashion, he splattered a few drops on my head and calmly said. “Well the joke’s on you my friend. I have no choice but to Induck you into Shovelduck Research.

He slapped his card down and swiftly walked away. On the front it read “Professor Iben Scruedupbottom. On the back, in bold letters it read SHOVELDUCKS ARE REAL!!!!!

The Duck Headed Handles exist! That’s what Professor Iben Scruedupbottom is trying to prove? Although the Universal Ducktionary induckates that they are highly intelligent creatures, there is still speculation about their origin, a distant planet? An ancient civilization? Possibly descendants of an Evil Ducktator?

No one is certain, but what we do know is that Shovelducks have an severe aducktion to S.L.A.M. Behavior.

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